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Name:Geeky Redhead
About the Girl
Linda. 31 years old. Norwegian. Proud single mom to Marie. Bachelor of Science in History (Studied abroad in South Dakota, USA!) Pagan. Photography lover. Blogger. Budding food blogger. Animal lover.

Her Choices
TV: Big Bang Theory. Grey's Anatomy. Criminal Minds. Buffy. Angel. Babylon 5. Farscape. Dead Like Me.
Movies: Underworld saga. Jurassic Park series. Resident Evil. Most Disney movies. Home. Rise of the Guardians. A bit of Marvel when the mood strikes.
Music: Sarah McLachlan. Sara Barielles. Natasha Bedingfield. Roxette. Enya. Cranberries. Train. Alexander Rybak. Lene Marlin.

About the Journal
My journal is friends only, always have, and probably always will be. But I'm usually open to meeting new friends, so just drop me a line :)

My Posts: Everyday life. Marie Marie Marie. Student life. Pictures. Oddly enough, it's like a journal about my life ;)

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abandoned places, academia, accents, ancestry, ancient history, animals, antique jewelry, art, autumn, back roads, backpacking, baking, being outside, being silly, black hills, blogging, board games, bonfires, books, cameras, camping, cars, cats, classic cars, computers, conversation, cooking, creativity, crystals, dancing, dark room, digital photography, documentaries, dreams, driving, education, european history, exercise, family, fishing, folklore, foreign countries, foreign cultures, foreign languages, friends, gemstones, genealogy, getting back to nature, girls night outs, going out, hiking, historical sites, history, horror movies, horseback riding, horses, humor, inside jokes, inspiration, kittens, knowledge, languages, learning, learning languages, learning new things, life, listening to music, literature, love, making lists, movie nights, movies, museums, music, mythology, national parks, native american culture, native american history, natural living, nature, nature photography, nordic folklore, norse history, norse mythology, northern lights, norway, norwegian, nostalgia, occult, paganism, photography, quotes, reading, relationships, road trips, romance, sarcasm, scandinavia, scary movies, self improvement, singing, sleeping, snuggling, south dakota, spicy food, spiritual growth, spirituality, spontaneous adventures, studying abroad, tattoos, tatty teddy, thunderstorms, travel, vacations, vintage, watching the stars, waterfalls, weight loss, wildlife, wildlife photography, working out, writing
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